360 feedback is often not action-ed

It is a very powerful tool

It gives leaders the tools to build themselves in a very sharp manner based on direct feedback

The tool however fails

To drive long term change more because of people issues

Making no long term difference

The feedback is read and then forgotten, rationalized or ignored

Actioning 360 degree feedback is important

360 degree feedback is a very powerful tool to help senior executives get a direct pulse from the people. The teams give the feedback hoping to see a visible difference. More often than not, their expectations are not met. The visible difference they wanted to see does not happen. This creates a negative spiral in the organization.

Leaders want to act on the feedback. There is however a barrier. Most of them do not know what needs to be done. Parts of the feedback are ignored, other parts rationalized out. The little that remains is soon forgotten under the daily demands of business.

This makes the exercise of 360 feedback a futile effort

A coach can help

leaders action their 360 feedback

A coach does this by

First walking the executive through the complete 360 feedback and ensuring all elements of it are acknowledged. The coach then helps the executive define one sharp goal to achieve and a plan to work systemically towards the goal. A coach helps a leader create early short wins The teams see the difference and are encouraged. This starts a positive spiral in the company.

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