Business Etiquettes are important

People create an organisations brand

Through the impression they create with others.

Less than 5% prepare

for the right impact.

Damaging reputation

of an organisation

Employees are the face of an organisation.

For this reason, it is vital that the employees incorporate business etiquettes in their professional lives. Business etiquettes are rules and customs that govern business interactions. It is the expected social behaviour at work space. The right etiquettes strengthen and encourage a positive environment.

Business etiquettes are both an art and a science. It includes styling, dining and grooming in the right way.

People with higher business etiquettes command more trust with their clients, they win better deals and negotiate effectively.In the absence of the right business etiquettes, the brand value of the company deteriorates. In such cases, image of the firm is left to individual variations.

Greenlatte helps leaders enhance their business etiquettes with a professional coach

A coach can help

By first identifying gap, creating a sharp goal and driving action

Following a time bound, goal focussed approach that is tailored to meet the executives specific needs, a leader can create a larger impact on the organization

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