C-Suite transitions fail often

Most executives not ready for it

Because they are not setup for success in the right way

One third transitions fail

Because an executive does not step up as expected

There is no sounding board

For an executive to ask for non judgemental help

C-Suite transition is difficult and needs to be led effectively

As per a report by McKinsey, executives who made the most successful transitions say it was just as important to align their organizations on what not to do as it was to explain what they would do in their initial agendas

Only 27 percent of respondents believe their organizations had the right resources or programs in place to support their move into a C-level role.

37% Executives rate the creation of a shared vision as the most important transition activity.

Ambiguity, expectations and past success factors are key bottlenecks

An executive coach can help

A coach works with the executive to set clear goals for self and organization, helping the new executive formulate a clear direction of action in the first 100 days. A coach helps create easy wins initially to set momentum for larger wins ahead.

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