Fitness increases Happiness

Kickstart your brains

A Briston University research concluded that on the days of working out, employees recorded 41% increase in motivation to work than the normal days, with 21% higher concentration towards work.

Drive the fit

The Great Indian Fitness Festival is here to drive the ‘fit’ in the employees.

We bring you the avant garde online fitness event with a boutique of fitness offerings including Yoga, Zumba, CrossFit,Functional Fitness and much more. The 3 day adrenaline rush will kick in with a series of workout challenges and sessions to build the sustained hunger for fitness in the long run. Be a part of the global community and experience ‘workout from work’ with 10,000+ people and celebrities united from 3 continents to spread the fitness positivity,with a chance to earn the industry honour of Pioneering Fitness CEO, fitness champion and lucrative more.

Join the wave

Of an organization through their leadership, presence and ideas

We invite you to be part of the camaraderie of

More than 10,000 people

From 100+ companies,

Joining from 3 continents.

Its happening!!


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Mark your calendar with the dates of

22,23 and 24th of June,2020.

Save your spot

Calling out the Fitness Heroes and newbie fitness explorers to meet us online.

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Download the Twelve week challenge app from playstore

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