Leaders behavior is reflected in the entire organization

Most leaders are unaware of the issues

Because people refrain from giving feedback that may put them in bad light or potentially spoil a relation

Derailing behavior costs

An organization a lot of money through market loss and attrition

There is a desire to improve

If the executives are guided right

Leaders derailing behavior costs

This is because an executives actions impact the larger organisation and become references for others to act. Unfortunately in most cases the leaders themselves may not be aware of the behavior. It therefore continues unchecked and harming the organization in ore ways than one like limiting innovation, increasing attrition and creating wrong role model.

In some cases where they do know, the executives may not be sure how to act on it again allowing the behavior to persist. Some times they may rationalize the behavior again allowing it to persist

in each case, the organization continues to pay the price as does the leader since this one behavior limits their personal growth.

A coach can help

correct derailing behavior

With a targeted coaching intervention

It is possible to help an executive overcome a specific barrier and then lead an organization more effectively

We coach executives on overcoming elements
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