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Fitness in the time of Covid-19
March 24, 2020
Employee Engagement amidst the Coronavirus pandemic
April 18, 2020

Fitness goes online and it goes viral in the times of COVID 19.
All of the social media is abuzz with people posting about their new found breaks from the schedule and of course their work out regimes.
This is one of the better times to achieve your body goals, Why? Because it is wise to make use of the additional time that COVID 19 has bought us, judiciously.
As the corporates transitioned to work from home,to do their bit to flatten the curve,the time spent on travelling to work,dressing up and and also water cooler talks is plain eliminated.
The lockdown is not a great excuse to ditch your workout routine though, and if you don’t have one NOW is the time to reconsider your choices.
World Health Organization recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week in adults aged between 18-64 years and also aerobic activity should be performed in bouts of at least 10 minutes duration.
But with the closing of gyms and fitness centers we watch our escapades take a back seat with a bag of chips in our hands, and in response to this the online fitness platforms have come into the picture like never before.
Online fitness trends existed long before,but in the heat of the moment of the Corona Virus outbreak,they are à la mode.
Online fitness classes require only a unwavering will, little virtue, a mat and some space.

What are online fitness classes? How do they work?

Online Fitness classes are simple deployment of technology to make the fitness guides available in the comfort of living room spaces and in the convenient of your schedules.

Online platform use hassle less technologies such as dacast ,google meet skype, zoom and in app features,even if you are not tech-savvy,the interfaces are quite simple and user friendly.

Since we also offer online fitness programs,let us explain to you how does it work.
We offer 10 minute LIVE in app wellness challenges on our 12 week challenge app.

The app just needs to be downloaded on the devices, then log in, a simple tap on the desired program and wella!! You are on the go.
When subscribed we will offer reminders on the live sessions,the professional trainers are virtually in front of you ,the programs are tailor-made and the guidance is prompt.
The trainer observes the user on the screen and users are free to raise the concerns, and with real time feedbacks we take care of happiness of the users too.

But are online fitness classes even worth it?

In the face of COVID 19,YES. Online fitness classes are considerably cheaper from gym memberships and some are even offering free classes. In the wake of pandemic, staying fit in these times are essential both, mentally and physically,but the shutting of economies has got us thinking about our finances.
Online classes eliminate the high-end hour rates of trainer and rather provide with a continuous support to the user’s fitness ambitions once subscribed.
It is also understandable that not everyone likes to move and stretch in a room full of eyes,for them online classes offer a comfort of privacy because which space is better than your homes.

COVID caught us unprepared and inexperienced,while we were busy conquering our own little words it hit us like a bolt from the blue, this particularly has triggered anxiety in the masses.
Even a daily 10 minute workout can help enhance the mood considerably,supply oxygen to the brain and thus relieving stress, they are convenient and they send the bolts of energy direct to the living room,in your own comfort zones.

What do these classes offer?

The online fitness classes now are the major alternative to gym and fitness centre environments and their offerings stretch to Pilates,Zumba,Yoga,Cardio,CrossFit,Aerobics and some other forms.
It is true that for some people the adrenaline rush kicks in the real physical classes but sadly that is not an option in these times, and something is better than nothing at all.

Am I a right candidate for Online fitness classes?

If you are currently bothered by your sedentary routine,or if you are a already virtuous fitness-hero struggling to work out your routine,or if you are trying to conquer the blues we recommend you to get up, and get moving in your homes.
But to not beat the bush and answer the question directly, YES, you are the right candidate for work out from home classes, or online classes.

The web is etched with multitude of fitness guides,trainers,regimens,apps and platforms, and the power to choose lies with you.
When deciding keep in mind your schedules,understand your body goals,the accessibility factors or take free trials if you still find yourself in doldrums.

WHO,in its Mental health and psychosocial considerations during the COVID-19 outbreak -advisory, suggests “During times of stress, pay attention to your own needs and feelings. Engage in healthy activities that you enjoy and find relaxing. Exercise regularly, keep regular sleep routines and eat healthy food”

Remember the choices we make now, will shape OUR future tomorrow,and we strive to make it a bright one,invest in the future and make your choices count.

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