Beat COVID-19 Anxiety

Engage Employees, Increase Happiness

These are uncertain times in business. Fear surrounding COVID-19 virus threatens to disrupt business globally.

The paradigm of work is undergoing change with clients and teams reducing physical connects.

Reduced physical touch, uncertain business outlook, surrounded by negative news combine to create anxiety, stress and may even lead to depression

Increased anxiety reduces an ability to work effectively. It destroys an ability to adapt as people wish for status quo and resist change. All of this reduces organizations efficiency

Anxiety: Not just a casual nervousness

According to research, approx. 28.8% of the population suffers from anxiety disorder in their lifetime.

This is triggered further with a global pandemic as the one sparked by COVID-19

These anxiety attacks lower productivity, energy, critical thinking and decision making skills with people


We can help

Our team of counselling psychologists and life coaches are professionally qualified to guide people in this journey.

Through our programs we help organizations beat COvid related stress

10 Minutes Fitness Programs Daily fitness to increase happiness, engagement

Anxiety counselling for Individuals One on one sessions with a therapist to help people overcome their anxiety and focus on actions

Anxiety counselling for Groups Trust group sessions conducted weekly to help employees remain focussed and not fall into depression.

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