Execution is the only strategy a customer sees

Strategy is important

It helps leaders identify the right gap in the market and create value from there

However 90% of strategy is wasted

Because of poor execution

People are at the root cause

Driven by market volatility, group think, ego and personal agendas

Singular focus on executing strategy is vital

Companies have key projects that determine its market leadership. These include increasing revenue, driving organization transformation, leading innovation, delivering a critical project.

Singular focus on the objective while maintaining agility to lead daily is a vital skill in VUCA times today. It is also a rare skill. Defined plans need not succeed. With rapid changes in market, technology and people preferences there is a need to remain as agile as the market.

Each of these objectives is a stretch and pushes people beyond normal. In such extreme times, how does a leader stay ahead and continue to lead?

A coach can help

By helping leaders remain agile to market and focused on objective

A coach does this by

By helping a leader defining goals sharply, creating early small wins and driving action to small wins and the larger objective. As the plan is executed, the coach works with the executive to demand more from self and team to deliver the goal. The coach acts as a sounding board, a motivator and a challenger during the journey of the goal, helping the company and the executive achieve the same.

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