Aydeli Ríos

Esslingen, Germany/MIDDLE EAST

ICC Executive Coach

Global Executive coach

25 years 7 corporate 18 coaching

22 years work experience with 3 years as a coach

About Coach

Aydeli has worked with CEO, senior and mid-senior professionals, entrepreneurs, individuals, and particularly women, from more than 15 different nationalities in 3 continents. She enjoys supporting people to achieve their goals in life, through the self-potential discovery, and the setting of concrete action plans within an inspiring and confident environment.

Aydeli has worked on corporate training, Assessment Centre, and coaching assignments globally including North America, South America, Europe, and ME.

Aydeli holds a master degree in Psycho pedagogy and a bachelor degree in International Relations from the Monterrey Technological Institute of Higher Studies and the University of Wisconsin-STOUT. She has led projects for LEGO, Siemens, Maped, ESAG, HDI, and Dubai Healthcare City.


Global Team @ LEGO Op. MX

AC Project Leader @ CDG Consultants

Middle East VP @ Global Network Res

Principal @ CCM-Norte.

Senior leadership & mgmt. workshops


“A professional who brings life to work place…”

“I immediately feel inspired…”

“She drives any project with a high sense of quality and commitment”

“My favorite one…”



INJAZ UAE Corporate Mentor

Toastmaster of the Year/A1-D34

Working with Emotional Intelligence Meet Up.

Global Network Resources


Writing – Academic Publication in learning competencies and sustainable energy.

Social Media Networking


Latin dancing & singing

Connecting people