Mentoring Employees Is Important

Long term sustainable companies mentor employees

Mentoring helps build sustainable organisations. It does this by creating a talent pipeline who grow from within

Mentorship programs create a higher engagement

This is because it creates a personal and direct relationship cutting across hierarchy in an organisation. It allows leaders to be more in touch and vice versa

80% + executives are not skilled

In mentoring their teams for a higher performance. In the absence they force their method of success, sometimes unknowingly restricting an organisations growth

What is executive mentoring?

Executive mentoring is the process by which leaders help an organisation grow from within. They do so by building skills and the right culture elements within their teams.

Great talent is the cornerstone of every great organisation. Nurturing this talent is amongst the focus areas of every sustainable organisations. Executive mentorship offers skills to leaders enabling them to nurture talent in the right way.

Executive mentorship does this by focussing leaders on the four step process of mentoring, building six skills of mentorship and imbibing the seven principles of mentoring. The focus is to build applied skills in people that the people may apply directly to business.

We help

executives build their
mentorship skills

By up-skilling leaders strategically

Through our in person workshops to up skill and coaching program to apply the skills built to business

The workshops are customised to meet an organisations unique needs. They include real time cases, simulations and skill blocks to build applied skills

The coaching sessions focus on an individual leaders unique needs helping them overcome their personal barriers and bring the skills to life in business

Help your leaders build their mentorship skills
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