Executive presence is important

It is 26% of what it takes to be promoted

Executive presence forms the single largest parameter after technical skills to be promoted

People with higher executive presence

Command larger business

81% of executives are not sure

Of how may they build it for themselves systemically.

What is executive presence?

Executive presence is the gap between success and merit. It plays a vital role in making a leader successful.

Executive presence has three core competencies associated with it.
The first is gravitas. Gravitas is the weight of character. It is an ability to exude courage and confidence even in the face of adversity. Gravitas has eight drivers to it

Executive Messaging forms the second key competence in building executive presence. This includes structuring messages, crafting conversation and influence in the right way.

A coach can help

build executive presence

By first identifying gap, creating a sharp goal and driving action

Following a time bound, goal focussed approach that is tailored to meet the executives specific needs, a leader can create a larger impact on the organization

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