iLead Program

Leading Others

Starts With Leading Oneself

It encompasses deep self-awareness

Female leaders

exhibit more self-awareness .

Leading self to lead organization?

Self-Leadership is having a developed sense of one’s strengths and weakness. To lead his employees, it is vital that a leader understands how to lead himself, is self-aware.
Self-awareness is empowering. It enables a leader to make better decisions, for himself and for the organization. It helps him to grow. Self-leadership, like any other skill, is an acquired one that everyone can learn.

Identifying and developing core and personal values so important for greater leadership and influence. By incorporating valid behavioral changes, values and culture, one can take his leadership to new heights.

A coach can help

iLead Program

By first identifying gap, creating a sharp goal and driving action

Following a time bound, goal focussed approach that is tailored to meet the executives specific needs, a leader can create a larger impact on the organization

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