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The number one skill

Managers need to have is being a coach

Managers account for 70% of employee engagement

They create engagement with the organization

Coaching increases

Ownership, accountability and a desire to act

Managers need to be coaches

Being a coach is the number one skill managers need to have.

In a millennial-driven work environment, managers need to be coaches to their teams.

As a coach, a manager is able to connect people to the purpose of the organization better. They are able to make tasks self-directive for the teams. Further, as a coach, a manager lets go of own biases, creating an equal workplace.

Without the right coaching skills, managers tend to be directive, reducing engagement and ownership of employees.

Greenlatte builds the skill of coaching with managers.

Manager as a Coach

As a practising manager, have you ever thought – I am so busy getting things done – where is the time and energy to develop people to take on more. The good news is that you can combine the role of target delivery with the development imperative.

By using the coaching approach in managing. As an executive coach -- with 30 plus years of CEO level corporate experience -- I assist you in identifying situations which are better handled through coaching and develop the skills this needs.

This is a non-negotiable skill for managers who would like to become respected and effective leaders. These are leaders who believe that their legacy should be the number of people they are able to grow to become great managers and not just balance sheet numbers.


Manager as a coach Program

By first identifying gap, creating a sharp goal and driving action

Following a time bound, goal focussed approach that is tailored to meet the organization specific needs, a leader can create a larger impact on the organization

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