Ownership and accountability skills are Important

90% employees are disengaged at work

As per Gallup Q12 survey. This is because they have no ownership towards their work, team or organisation.

99% of managers lack the skill

To increase ownership and accountability in their teams. This limits creativity, outcome focus in an organisation.

Increasing ownership is essential

To build a sustainable organisation

What is ownership and accountability?

Ownership is the ability to take initiatives and the freedom to drive results. Accountability is being responsible for results.

High ownership translates to a higher motivation. It drives creativity, productivity and market leadership for an organization. Absence of ownership makes it difficult to move forward.

Ownership and accountability intervention elevates organizations by building this culture in an organization through a customized, targeted program. The intervention focuses on drivers and detractors of ownership and their impact throughout the process.

We help

organisations build a
culture of ownership and accountability

By up-skilling leaders strategically

Through our in person workshops to up skill and coaching program to apply the skills built to business

The workshops are customised to meet an organisations unique needs. They include real time cases, simulations and skill blocks to build applied skills

The coaching sessions focus on an individual leaders unique needs helping them overcome their personal barriers and bring the skills to life in business

Build a culture of ownership and accountability
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