Power Visual Authority

Appearance makes 55%

impact on the first impression.

Dress for the job you want Gets you their

Dressing with power

establishes power

The manner in which a leader chooses to present himself is an extension of his personality. A leader’s style speaks volumes about him. Dressing smartly and being groomed expresses the individual’s position as well as their authority at the workplace. In addition to the clothes, the manner in which one carries themselves, their body language and style matter equally.

While these criteria are not representative of one’s intelligence, they have an influence on the individual’s confidence and leadership capabilities.

The way a leader carries out themselves has an effect on both the observer and himself. Greenlatte helps leaders enhance the way they carry out themselves with the help of a professional coach.

A coach can help

Power Visual Authority

By identifying the errors the leaders make while presenting themselves and creating a sharp goal

Following a time-bound, goal focussed approach that is tailored to meet the executives specific needs

Help your leaders sharpen their Power Visual Authority
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