Yoga day activities for corporates

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May 4, 2020

Yoga day activities for corporates

A fit nation is a result of a fit person. A learning that stands out from times today. It also holds true for organizations as they ready to open up after the lockdown.

COVID19 has pushed the need of workout and fitness as a need and measure of employee engagement. To harness the all pervasive benefits of fitness, the wellness culture started to expand in the corporates from past few decades. Johnson and Johnson in fact has been the champion of employee wellness programs by implementing some methodically designed programs starting from the year 70’s.

However, it is said that ‘There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.The present disruptive pandemic seems like one such anomalous span of time, which has also pushed the fitness concern to the forefront so as to battle its consequences in the form of stress, anxiety, sedentary culture, by providing as a harmless weapon to maintain physical fitness and sanity in a response to balance work from home transitions.

The Sedentary Solution

Fitness isinvariably the sedentary solution to the untimely routines, the binge eating,the pandemic stress, and to maintain productivity in the times of corona and the veracity of it can be tested by a Briston University research which states that on the days of working out, employees recorded 41% increase in motivation to work than the normal days, with 21% higher concentration towards work.

Fitness has to be a part of organization culture not a temporary muse. With the current evolving global environment and increased fitness awareness among the people, the philosophy has to be permeated in the organizational culture, after all businesses are a part of the community. .

Just to test the notion of ‘eat well and exercise well’ take a note that corporate employee devotes around 35 minutes to eat at office while the question still lingers around the time devoted to exercising which comprehending to the fact that fitness is important but just not as important to count it in a work-day routine.

While the habit of exercising regularly undisputedly improves concentration, alleviates stress, maintains bodily functions,reduces chances of injury and keeps the body in shape.

Join the wave

Understanding the role of employee engagement in the present crisis, the agile corporations are actively rolling out the employee assistance and employee wellness programs.

Some of the key tenets of these programs include virtual workouts with team,the employee assistance guidelines and manuals, consistent communication on the part of the management and counselling sessions to keep up the employee morale during the tough times.

The wholesome wellness programs focus on incorporating better nutrition practices, exercising, mental health and adapting overall better health practices including interventions for substance abuse and building community support.

The Corporate Fitness Festival 2020

We gladly announce the corporate fitness festival 2020 in an endearing attempt to promote the fitness conscious and to provide a rib to overall employee wellness. We have designed the unique bouquet of sessions, which includes Yoga, Zumba, CrossFit, Functional Fitness, nutrition guidance, celebrity fitness advices and much more.

We understand that the fitness has to be a continuous effort and hence we aim to build the sustained drive for fitness in the individuals through our interesting and fun filled fitness activities which will keep the fitness fire alive.

What’s Happening

The invitation to join the team spirit of 10000+ people uniting from 3 continents to feel and spread the fitness and health positivity and dive into the:

1. Engagement activities including Workout-Of-week beginning before the event.

2. Three day full throttle adrenaline rush- all from the convenience of participating virtually from homes or office desks

3. Live On-App Fitness sessions, On-App Fitness competitions and Expert Speak on fitness at home.

4. Awards and recognition for participation and organizations who are at their best in promoting a fit lifestyle.

How to join

For corporates

1. Write to us at to confirm participation

2. We will dedicate 30 minutes with participant organization to work through the setup.

Don’t forget to save your spot at the earliest.

All the individual participants are requested to download Twelve Weeks Challenge app from the app store to join the virtual experience.

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